Workout of the Day (WOD)

Every day is something different and will challenge you in different ways. That's what I/O is: constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Our strength is having many strengths. Our specialty is not specializing. That's what I/O is, and that's what we do best.

You'll find out the WOD when you walk in the door. That insures athletes can't pick and choose which WOD's to come to. And in the spirit of true fitness, all athletes must come in ready for anything.

1970 Lee Rd.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

(440) 941-0615

Getting Here:

We're located just north of the intersection of Cedar/Lee.   Just south of Cain Park.

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CrossFit I/O 1970 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118